Thursday, January 18, 2018

Agni 5 test fired

Agni 5 surface to surface ballistic missile was successfully test fired from balasore,Odisha,India.Previously also Agni series of missiles, Agni 1 of range 1000 km,Agni2 2000km,Agni3 3000km,Agni4 4000km and now Agni5 is of 6000km range.It is an intercontinental ballistic missile.It can carry nuclear warheads.It can hit its enemies Pakistan and China.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

BSc Ist Year Nursing,Command Hospital,Computer Periodic Exam Question Paper with Answers of 2018

1. A Word Processor is one of the type of __________software.

c)Both A & B
d)None of the above

2.To open MS Word,follow this menu hierarchy

a)Start>Office>MS Word
b)Start>All Programs>MS Office>MS Word
c)Start>DOS>MS Word
d)None of the above

3.A small arrow icon on the right hand side of a menu option indicates that it contains

b)Context menu
c)Pull down menu
d)None of the above

4.To insert a picture in MS Word,select _________ tab.


5.Which of the following functionwill use to find highest number in a series of number?


6.A function inside another function is called

a)Nested function
b)Round function
c)Sum function
d)Text function

7.Formulae in Excel start with


8.The software which contains rows and columns is called

d)Word processor

9.Which of the following function will be used to find mode in a series of numbers?

d)None of the above

10.__________ displays the name of the document opened in MS Word

c)Menu Br
d)None of the above

11. Extension of MS Excel file is

d)None of the above

12.____________ is used to set tabs,indent paragraphs & change the margins

a)Formatting Toolbar
b)Status bar
c)Menu bar

13.Extension of MS Word file is

d)None of the above


Is Vedic Maths beneficial?

Introduction of Vedic Maths in 9th and 12th classes in UP is very beneficial for students.They will learn how to do Maths quickly.If they learn this skill early they may clear competitive exams like banking,SSC,PO very quickly and easily.

Introduction to vedic maths:

vedic maths is a very fast way of doing calculations.Learning vedic maths is fun.


Suppose there is a number 95

square of 95 has to be calculated means 95x95.

we know 95x95=9025(from calculator)

Lets check it by vedic maths method:



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Vedic Maths to be started in 12th standard in UP by 2019

Vedic Maths,a new subject, will be started and included in course in 2019.Vedic maths workshop has been started.In 26000 schools of UP Board Vedic Maths studies will be introduced.Workshop was started to design syllabus and course for this subject from classes 9 to 12.Vidya Bharti and other institution specialists other than Board have been invited.Tender for books has been passed.It will also be launched in the form of a small booklet.It will be a scoring subject I think as it is related to Maths and will increase overall percentage of students in exams. 

BA,BComm courses to go online

BA,BComm courses to become online in India.Now students can do this course from home.Centre and state have decided to do this.Prakash Javdekar(Mnav Sansaadhan Vikas Mantri) gave this information.Javdekar said only those colleges and Universities which come on top in NAK Accreditation will be allowed to give degrees,diplomas and certificates.Approx. 15 colleges and Universities fall in this category.

Poor happy by notebandi

Poor are happy by notebandi as the rich will be effected by this move.Notebandi happened when Rs500 and Rs1000 notes became a piece of paper.They were out of use.Many rich people who had these notes stuffed in pillows and blankets had to throw them in rivers because they were of no use.
Poor are happy by this move because they think that the money rich are squandering is their money.

Haj pilgrims will not get subsidy

Haj pilgrims will no longer be given any subsidy,instead the subsidy will be diverted to the welfare of minority girls.SC had ordered this 10 years back and now it is in effect.Congress did not show objection to BJP's such move as earlier when SC had ordered 10 years back.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fox Nut (Makhana) is very useful for health

FoxNut (Makhana)

  • It cures diabetes.

  • It has anti aging properties.Those who eat FoxNut have a longer life.

  • It is a pain killer.

  • When you drink milk add Fox Nuts.This will give you a good nights sleep.

  • Fry fox nut in a little bit of oil.This will help you in dyssentry.

  • Fox Nuts strengthen the body and maintain good health.

  • It helps in insomnia as it has calming properties.

Miraculous uses of Vicks

  • It decreases stretch marks(wrinkles) on skin which appear when we grow old because it has a special type of oil.

  • Marks on face due to tension disappear on applying vicks.

  • It stops oozing of blood from any major vessel in hands of body due to a small cut.Apply vicks mixed with little bit of salt to it to stop blood drainage.

  • It helps in giving training to animals.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Phone numbers for water and sever problems in Lucknow

Phone numbers for water and sever problems in Lucknow

Call on following numbers:

VK Sinha 7525002634 Gomtinagar zone 4
Vivekanand Dwivedi 7525002646 Rajiv Gandhi Pratham
Rajendra Kumar Gupta 7525002729 Rajiv Gandhi Dvitiya
Harish Chandra Bhatt 7525002728 Rafi Ahmad Kidvai
Vijay Kumar Gupta 7525002643 Chinhat ward
Karunakant Verma 7525002725 Chinhat ward
Deenanath 7525002737 Chinhat ward
Arun Kumar Singh 7525002711 Colvin Talukdar ward
Shitla Prasad 9208344708 Nishatganj and Papermill ward